Hello & Welcome!

I am a Certified Wellness Coach and Confidant in the Bay Area specializing in Ayurveda. I help women, and the occasional man, shift their energy from stuck and powerless to feeling empowered and confident. Cuz who doesn’t want to live their most optimal life?

Here are a few testimonials…

“I wasn’t sure what was off about my quality of life but knew I wasn’t as fulfilled as I could be. Monica helped me identify specific aspects where my life was lacking, and we developed a plan how to improve those aspects. It’s only been a couple of weeks but the improvement is noticeable. I’m also confident I have a plan to improve my satisfaction in other areas.” ~Adam S.

“When I started working with Monica, I was struggling with feelings of not being worthy of financial prosperity. I was incredibly stressed out in my relationship with my partner, primarily around finances. I was overwhelmed, confused, and fearful.

Through this process I was able to step into my authentic power and manifest financial abundance. Now there is so much more ease and grace in my life. Monica is a profoundly gifted healer. I always feel acknowledged and encouraged by her presence.”
~ Holly H.

“Working with Monica was like meeting with a creative partner who has your best whole wellness in mind. She has a very calming presence, listens deeply, and is willing to think outside the box. I would always look forward to our time together. I also appreciate her honesty and patience with me.”
~ Jen P.

“Monica’s yoga nidra is my go-to for winding down and relaxing at bedtime. Her steady, soothing voice and perfectly paced, guided visualization brings me to a state of deep relaxation and peace. I’m very grateful to have it in my self-care toolbox.”
~ Patricia White

“Monica is a wonderful yoga instructor! I always enjoy taking yoga classes with her. Monica is a wonderful instructor and has such a calm, personable presence. She’s very attentive and is always aware of her students’ individual abilities and offers modifications.

I’ve learned a lot of techniques that I apply in other classes based on detailed instructions she gives in class. Now I feel like I get more out of my yoga practice overall. Her classes always leave me feeling more grounded, relaxed, mentally open and physically loose and I am not feeling so tight after sitting at my desk all day. It’s always exactly what I need!”

~ D.F.

“Monica offers a warm and welcoming space for healing and introspection. She took the time to get to know me and my concerns. My session felt customized for me, resulting in a restorative and balanced experience. It felt like a big hug from an old friend that carried me forward.”
~ Juleen L.

“For some months I have been suffering severe pain in the hip. Monica not only helped me with hands-on instruction and demonstration of appropriate yoga poses but also took the time before our appointment to research not only what would help but what might actually make it worse. I considered this more than I expected and found the session very, very helpful. As I said to Monica as I was leaving, ‘”I walked in WITH pain and I’m walking out WITHOUT pain.”
Thank you Monica, for really making a difference!”

~ Trudy Triner