Manifest Your Life, One Intention at a Time!

The invitation

As one of the few Chopra Certified Coaches, I am in gratitude that Deepak Chopra’s knowledge has been passed down to me. I have been manifesting the PERFECT coaching program for myself and one that I can share with you.

I invite you to step into Radiant You 2.0! Yes you! I believe in you. And I can help you co-create the life you want.

What part of the Wheel of Life is calling you right now?

What is your highest self telling you? What did your eyes spontaneously get drawn to? This is your intuition speaking to you. And when you work with me, that is what we are tapping into, your intuition, your gut feeling, your highest self.

*Are you feeling stuck in your career? Have you been laid off recently? I’ve got a secret…infinite possibilities await you!

*Are you thinking about starting your own business? What does that look like? Did you know that your bio-energy (dosha) can guide you? With Chopra Certified Coaching, the first thing we look at is your bio-energy.

*Have you lost your sense of purpose? You are here for a reason! Let’s discover a clear path for you.

*Are you ready to reboot your health? Age happens and I am here to support you using your dosha (bio-energy) as a guide.

*Is it time to feel joy, ease and abundance? Are you ready to make a differene in your own life?

“When I started working with Monica, I was struggling with feelings of not being worthy of financial prosperity. I was incredibly stressed out in my relationship with my partner, primarily around finances. I was overwhelmed, confused, and fearful.

Through this process I was able to step into my authentic power and manifest financial abundance. Now there is so much more ease and grace in my life. Monica is a profoundly gifted healer. I always feel acknowledged and encouraged by her presence.”

~ Holly H.

Benefits of Chopra Certified Coaching include:

  • You will be held in a safe container
  • We look at your mind/body type (dosha) so we know how to proceed with our sessions
  • We bring your mind and body into balance before we begin coaching, so you come from a centered space
  • We discover your higher purpose
  • We set intentions, find clarity and begin manifesting
  • Limiting beliefs start to shift
  • Face our inner shadow so we can bring more light to ourselves and others

Chopra Certified Coaching is for you if…

  • you want to save time and money by having your coach understand you from the start.
  • you want to experience a deep dive into your true self, your why!
  • you are ready to include self care at each session.
  • you are eager to manifest!
  • you want to find your joy!
  • you are committed!

Now offering…

3 Month Activation ($1800)

  • (6) 60 minute sessions (twice/month)
  • (6) Personal energy clearings
  • (1) Seasonal health assessment

6 Month Inspiration ($3600)

  • (12) 60 minute sessions (twice/month)
  • (12) Personal energy clearings
  • (2) Seasonal health assessments

12 Month Manifestation ($7200)

  • (24) 60 minute sessions (twice/month)
  • (24) Personal energy clearings
  • (3) Seasonal health assessments