The invitation

I invite you to step into Radiant You 2.0! Yes you! I believe in you. And I can help you co-create the life you want.

What part of the Wheel of Wellness is calling you right now?

Are you feeling stuck in your career? How would it feel to move forward and grow in your career?

Are you thinking about starting your own business? What does that look like?

Have you lost your sense of purpose?

How would it feel to have your own cheerleader and accountability partner for your health?

What would it feel like to let go and flow with life?

Benefits of Chopra Coaching include:

  • You will be held in a safe container
  • We look at what your mind/body type is so we know how to proceed with our sessions
  • We bring your mind and body into balance before we begin coaching, so you come from a centered space
  • We discover your higher purpose
  • We set intentions and begin manifesting
  • Limiting beliefs start to shift
  • Face our inner shadow so we can bring more light to ourselves and others

Now offering…

Soul Questions (energetic exchange of $800)

  • Package of 4 sessions
    • Who am I?
    • What is my purpose?
    • What is my heart’s desire?
    • What am I grateful for?

Pause & Reflect (energetic exchange of $1200)

  • Package of 6 sessions
    • Who am I?
    • What is my purpose?
    • Attention goes where energy flows
    • Finding understanding and meaning
    • Clearing the shadows
    • Evolving