“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

Are you ready to come alive?

Are you ready to be the hero in your journey to health ?

Chopra Coaching

Life & Health Coaching Re-imagined!

Let’s meet at the corner of manifesting and well-being. We’ll begin by discovering your bio-energy and start bringing you back into alignment.

Then we’ll begin filling this container, this sacred space, using Deepak Chopra’s Soul Questions to get you clear on your intentions and where you want to be:

Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my heart’s desire?


Mind. Body. Spirit.

Subtle shifts through the senses brings us into balance. When we are in balance, we make good choices for ourselves and those around us.

Are you living sustainably?

What would it feel like to feel good in your body?

What would it feel like if you could release the pain physically, emotionally, spiritually?

If you are feeling pain, anxiety, stress, or not sleeping well AND you are ready to make a lifestyle change, let’s start the healing process together.


Are you ready to receive?

When we come into being, we are centering ourselves. We are calming the mind and the body. The body and the mind.

When we stop doing and just be, we are coming into an awareness of what is. In this space, we can receive all that we need. Creativity, focus, inspiration, equanimity and peace.

Monica Stein

Hi! I’m Monica, the founder and creator of Omthentic (ooommmm + authentic) You Wellness Center, the premier Wellness Center for women in the East Bay.

And I am living my most delicious life!

With my Engineering background, corporate and life experiences, as well as various certifications in well-being, I bring you a well-rounded perspective so you can live better longer.